The Good, the Bad, and the Iron Lady

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Pretoria, South Africa

I was already in Pretoria, South Africa working and learned that I had to go to Cape Town to work before I departed for the United States. Today, I reflect on three interesting people who made that trip to South Africa memorable because of the choices they made in society.

I had the plan to take a tour of the infamous Robben Island, a prison where political prisoner Nelson Mandela was held. I never heard of the word “apartheid” until Nelson Mandela was thrust into the world news reports. Mandela was an anti-apartheid revolutionary who was a prisoner on Robben Island, north of Cape Town, for 17 years. I wanted to visit that tourist site, but I was too busy with work. It was great to visit the continent and to see up close the effects of apartheid. Nelson Mandela was a fearless man and a good man who sought justice for Black Africans.

While in Pretoria, Oscar Pistorius, the double-amputee, Olympic sprinter, was on trial for murdering his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. I wanted to attend the trial, in support of Steenkamp’s family, but my supervisor in Pretoria advised against it. I did not attend the trial. Pistorius is a bad man who is currently suffering its consequences. He remains behind prison walls, today.

When I boarded the flight to Cape Town, former United Kingdom Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was sitting quietly on the airplane. I was seated in business class, two aisles behind her. The strangest thing I notice about Thatcher was that she did not speak to anyone, and she never moved from her seat. No one spoke to her, nor did she eat or drink while on the flight. I wanted to ask her questions on how it felt being the first woman prime minister in Britain. Of course, I admired her from my seat’s view and did not bother the respected woman.

Life is full of choices; it is up to you to decide which choice you will make.

Which choice will you take on, the good, the bad, or be a trailblazer?

Some take the wrong path; some take the right path.

My trip to the continent of South Africa was good.

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