It was extreme pain!!

After returning from the job interview on Monday the 2nd of August, I stopped by the market to get a few items to celebrate my victory over my dramatic soliloquy on Tell Me About Myself at the job interview.

When running back and forth to my white VW Tiguan to grab groceries out of it, a tiny bumblebee stung me and it was extremely painful!!!

First, I brought in one grocery sack, my skirt suit jacket, my small leather purse, and my Calvin Klein tote bag that housed my flat shoes, leather folder, bottled water, hand…

Now, I wait…

I arrived at the job interview, today, at noon.

The interview was at 1:30 PM.

I was seated in a reception area that had CNN cable news airing on the television that was mounted on the wall.

While I sat quietly, I was getting hot in the two cloth masks I was wearing.

A man from within the office came over and started chatting with me about his kids going back to school. My mind was still memorizing what I had learned about the organization; so, I said, “You are John Doe, the Chief of Staff.”


Monday, August 2nd

Submitted Resume:

I posted my resume last year on a coveted website and forgot about it.


I received an email two weeks ago for a job interview.

Job Interview Date:

Monday, August 2nd.

Scam Job Recruiters:

Scam job recruiters are on the prowl. I had a couple of scam job recruiters contact me via email and there was no signature block on the email, which was a good indictor of a scammer. I suspect these scam job recruiters took my information from and Zip Recruiter job websites.

The Nasty Cough:

A day after I received…

The blind date

I ventured out on a blind date.

A male friend of mine set me up with the blind date.

When I arrived at an exquisite restaurant in the aristocratic neighborhood of Georgetown in Washington, D.C., I was surprised that the man was so attractive beyond his looks!

He had curly grey hair, soft green eyes, olive skin, a charming personality, witty humor, a New Yorker accent, and was highly intelligent. He was GORGEOUS physically and mentally!

I became smitten with the blind date throughout dinner.

After a few glasses of dry white wine, good food, and excellent conversation, I wanted…

Marcello and I attended it

It was lunch hour, and the Christmas parties were in full bloom at the U.S. Department of Prominence, and unbeknownst to Marcello and me, we discovered that the mailroom Christmas party was the very best!

Marcello and I had just started working at the Department in July. We became instant friends. He nicknamed me “Betty Bop.” And he revealed that his nickname was Mummy. So, when the holidays were upon us, we learned that the building’s Christmas offices parties commenced at noon. …

The engagement ring

Damien proposed marriage to me.

He gave me a stunningly beautiful emerald-cut engagement ring.

Sadly, I believed that he was a teensy, weensy bit not ready for marriage.

He worked in Washington, D.C. A good-looking man who wore those slick, square-toe shoes that I like, and he dressed impeccably. I can appreciate a man dressing classily.

One day, Damien told me that he was in therapy to know why he felt inadequate after two marriage divorces.

Wait, what?!

He had two wives that I knew nothing about, and he needed emotion-focused therapy.

I was too young to take on Damien’s…

Miss Valentina

I was working with Peter Miles, a desk officer who asked me to be his office secretary in the new bureau he was promoted to work at once. He moved swiftly to ensure that I was approved to work with him. The U.S. Department of Prominence’s Personnel Office re-assigned me to move forward in my new position with Mr. Miles. In this bureau, I met several office secretaries. There was one quirky secretary who was the most memorable.

On my first day at the new office, I immediately started sanitizing and making my desk area comfortable with familiar…

Sexy High Heeled Shoes

I want to see and experience love; so, when that day comes for me to frolic about with a husband, he will learn of my desire to wear ultra-sexy high-heeled shoes.

Sexy high-heeled shoes are the bomb, dot, com of sexiness!

High-heeled strappy sandals, high-heeled stilettos, high-heeled bedroom slippers, or high-heeled sling backs, I will wear them all.

Imagine ~

Me ~

I will greet my husband at the door when he arrives home from work. He sees my sexy legs, toes painted in black nail polish, and a pair of red, sexy strappy high-heeled sandals…

Communique’ definition: an official statement or announcement, usually to the press or public.

An urgent communique´ was distributed from our Leader of Prominence at the U.S. Department of Prominence. That message instructed that all principals, incoming principals, and in-house CNN reporters attend the Leader’s impromptu press briefing at our building’s Press Room, immediately.

At that specific time, my incoming principal Mrs. Hadid was attending her swearing-in ceremony with dignitaries, guests, family, colleagues, foreign and U.S. government officials, and her bureau’s staff. …

Mia Z. Edwards

My memoir that is based on the short story’s of my world travels, neighbor (hood), work/live in D.C. & weekly Friday series on my Confidential…Single thoughts.

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