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Top Writer in Short and Creativity stories, Memoir based on short stories, world travels, youth neighbor(hood), work stories in Wash., DC, dabble in fiction.

A deadly sin

Halloween Night

Location: West 6th Street between 66th Ave and Avenue 666 in Manhattan, New York, a corner where alcoholics hang out to drink liquor.

An evangelist preacher stands on this corner and delivers a sermon.


Preacher: “Come all you sinners. The Lord is nearby. …

Mortal man and the hex

There lived an immortal being name Witch Ophelia who craved love. The immortal warlocks were unlike mortal men. Love is an emotion a warlock knows nothing about. But Ophelia knows that mortal men radiate with warmth towards a mortal woman, and she wanted it. The…

Curiosity at a pique

AVESON Luxury Vintage Rectangle Metal Alloy Jewelry Box Trinket —

I cannot recall if I was in junior or senior high school when I was introduced to Greek and Roman mythology. Nonetheless, I fell in love with the stories. I know one thing for sure, I was mesmerized with the mythical Greek and Roman heroes, gods, goddesses, adventures, families, and…

With his closest monster friends

Count Dracula decided to host a “catch up” luncheon with his dearest monster friends. He loved gossip.

Dracula sent out the Catching Up Luncheon invitation via Microsoft Batwings e-mail. The email blast went to Sir Werewolf, Duke Skeleton, Earl Frankenstein, Baron Hunchback, Knight Mummy, Earl…

A sorrowful tale

Halloween Night

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Dear Teenagers,

I am in a nightmare, and I hope that I can persuade you, adolescents, not to explore haunted houses.

My group of five teenage friends was Antonio, Stefano, Bria, Arianna, and Gino. We were semi-good teenagers. We did our schoolwork, smoked weed…

He summoned me to the cemetery, can you believe this!

Photo by Sammy Williams on Unsplash

I met Count Dracula, the Vampire.

Seriously, I did!

I was rushing to get home from the movie theater so I could meet the Halloween trick or treaters at my door with candy. Well, something told me to take a…

Saving the kids souls from Gangster Halloween and his posse The Dead

Photo by Branden Skeli on Unsplash

Long ago on Mischief Night, I stopped by the market and purchased several bags of chocolate candy bars for the kid trick-or-treaters who would knock on my apartment door on Halloween Day at sunset. Once I got home…

Casting a love spell

Photo by Rhett Wesley on Unsplash

October is Halloween’s month; so, what better time is there to cast a love spell on my romantic interest who will make me his wife.

Once the love spell is cast, my true love will appear at my home on October 31, Halloween Day.

The magic spell must be spoken…

Mia Z. Edwards

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