My work has begun…reading, copious notes, creating story title list, and PDF file name

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I hope the U.S. Copyright Office accepts, registers, and copyright my blog stories that are published on Medium!

The U.S. Copyright Office, a Government administration, created a new system to register and copyright blog stories in August 2020.

From late-night Tuesday 4 and 0600 hours on Wednesday 5, I became acclimated with their website’s registration system.

I also took copious notes, examined fillable forms, applications, and scrutinized the PowerPoint pictures of the forms and application columns.

When I awoke at 1530 hours Wednesday 5, papers were…

A Romance Story

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Washington, D.C.


Gabriella’s mind was made up, she wanted a White man.


She was sick and tired of hiding her secret.

Ever since she started working closely with powerful White men in Washington, D.C., she wanted one to be her husband, but afraid to speak of such a thought. She was 26 years of age at that time.

Gabriella was their high-level secretary, get it (S E C R E T) A R Y. She was exposed to their personal life; therefore, she saw things that should be kept a secret, which was…

Romance Novels

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I read romance novels.

Love is always on my mind; I yearn for love.

The late English romance novelist Jackie Collins books were my first taste of an imaginary lover and lust. I wanted more, so I stocked up on her books.

Later, I discovered British author E.L. James. Her books are the crème de la crème of romance! When reading her books, I discovered a side of me that was dormant!

I wish to have a husband to whom I could display what I learned from my romance readings.

I often thought about creating my own fantasy stories of…

There was a killer living in my neighbor (hood)

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Washington, D.C. ~ Southeast

A murderer was living in my neighbor (hood).

The murderer had slain three women with the names that began with the letter “D.”

Everyone in the neighbor (hood) was scared to go out to run errands, afraid to let their children play in the courtyard, and suspicious of one another in our small community.

Most of the women had boyfriends. The men never married the women because they could never hold a job because of being a minority in America. So, they could barely take care of…

Unforgettable statements from my supervisor

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Washington, D.C.

I liked Mr. Hertzberg.

He was my supervisor when I was a global traveler. His statements were rather witty and clever. He was edgy and a no-holds-barred man.

During my official trip briefings, debriefings, and direct conversations with him while in foreign countries, I could always rely on his frankness.

Below are a few of his statements:

§ “Mia, we got a cable about your unprofessional manner. You cannot swear at a young man when he accidentally grabbed your buttocks.”

§ “Mia, what happened to your lips? Did you take the doxycycline drug…

Started saving my published stories on Medium after reading an article by a Medium writer

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Today, I read a Medium article that one should be prepared if Medium decides to shut down its website.

I thought, “Oh, my! I have not saved the stories that are published with awesome images. I procrastinate too much.”

The article that made my heart skip a beat is pasted below.

Today Is the Last Day for Medium. Why you must start writing right now | by Vishnu*s Virtues | SYNERGY | Apr, 2021 | Medium

Thank you, Medium Writer, Vishnu*s Virtues for this heads-up…

A thank you note

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Washington, D.C.

“Writing was for white people. That field is too competitive; besides, I am Black, they will never read my works.” I always thought.

Before I go into my story, please know that I am not prejudiced or a fault finder. Wait, I might be a tiny, tiny bit of a fault finder.

I simply want to express how my negative thinking about white people being the dominant force in the writing field and my assumptions that I had no chance to ever be able to write for a book publishing company or on a…

Mia Z. Edwards

Writer, blogger, short story’s memoir on world travels, neighbor (hood), work, & being a single Black woman | Email: | Follow me @Miazoey14

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